Sunday, 28 December 2014

URGH Don't piss me off!

What a lot of farts in the music industry! Oh well, they can kiss my sweet old arse because I know far more than all of them together.

You accepted a difficult challenge and contributed a highly creative piece of music.”

And twice the same person says music is about taste.

It is not my crowd by far. Music is my language, I’ve known it since I can remember the first sweet melodies I became aware of. I knew what the birds were singing about, I understood the voice of the wind in the trees and I became one with Nature’s voice. It has always been easy for me to “speak” this magnificent language. Creative I am indeed. I also paint and sketch, create symphonies with food and wrote hundreds of poems which even have their own melodies.

And thanks to a love for mathematics and related puzzles, I can design on the go, overcoming any obstacle which I might encounter. I even rehearse my work program in my head in order to find any problems which might occur. I work fast. Once I have the big picture, I wanna get the job done as soon as possible to see it, hear it, live it.

And so also, if music is about taste, that makes me a connoisseur – from the most delicate sounds, even shapes, smells and movement to the biggest noise, terror and death. I translate everything into music and that makes life far more beautiful and much easier. I’ve always done it because I love doing it.

There are a few like me, we even “speak” to each other using music without words.

ffff+F then to the friggin farts who think they know something. Difficult? I can be difficult but music never is, doesn’t matter how pissed off I can get. I find peace when I disappear into my fog. And the only challenge I accept in music is when another challenges me in music. NB the PEOPLE behind the music - because music itself does not fight.

Examples of this kind of communication between people on the more known side is “Indian Love Call” and this same form existed in the old days in many places, where two true lovers will find each other over great distance when their voices harmonize. The same went even for war calls/trumpets/bugles, and the most present living form is probably the haka-haka of the All Blacks of Nieu Zealand before a rugby match. There are many forms of communicating in music.

KWAITO which became prominent in the later years in South Africa are acknowledged, yet it is probably the oldest form of communication. I imagine David who became King of Israel, when he was a young shepherd, warding off predators from his Father’s flocks. Imagine the sounds he used. And we learn from history that he was a true poet and sang his poems.

I do the same when I chase a specific predator, I speak its language. I’d growl and even storm to make sure the message is well understood. I’d get carried away talking to a bird, asking it questions, comforting it, go on a virtual journey in its song. (Maybe why some places have this kind of deja-vu feeling about it) I HEAR what someone says in music. Some performing artists are also excellent translators…. But even they are few. And when one can get a whole orchestra of them, well, that is magnificent, pure enjoyment. That is rare.

Oh well, maybe I should have pity on the old farts. To compose sounds/music is easy when you live it, breathe it, love it. You cannot learn this from a book. I only learn how to write my compositions and that is the easy part. Once I have the first few measures right, then I fly away. In the beginning it took me an average of ca 16hrs in total to get the basics of one piece while researching what gizmos and stuff I need to use for my digital orchestras. (probably have to take patience in using the word "articulation" but "gizmo" types much faster)

So then, up yours to the farce farts that even imagined that I accepted a difficult challenge. Duh.

I was inspired which brought stories back to me and then I only converted it into music, as I always did with things which I cannot easily speak with words. Music is my easiest language. I believe that music brings peace and that is what makes me different from many others. When music annoys me, then it is not the perfect language.

It took me far longer to write this in words than what it would have taken me to compose in sound. I composed a similar piece in sound a while back during a coffee break. Quite “Fugued” up as well. It took me less than 20 minutes. This writing took maybe two hours.


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