Monday, 8 August 2016


Motion and emotion is at the order of the day even on this ZA morning at 07h01 of 8th August 2016. (Google doesn't seem to be capable of 'reading' my time zone - Southern Africa GMT+2 it is and this post will be published 09h00 ZA time from my southern home in the heart of this country)

Prior to beginning this writing, I flew lightyears in spirit which was but a few minutes in physical life. I saw much but what is important for now follows.

It came to mind that, even after I had a short but intensive good rest during the night, my day began with a leap. Surely, elephant is immediately at full speed when it goes into serious motion and can turn 180 degrees and continue without losing speed.

Man is the crown of LORD GOD’s Creation. It is the only answer I have for being able to be at full speed all the time when serious motions call for it. Even from the moment I wake from sleep.

The best thing Man could make that has almost this kind of action is a Bentley. But it is not as powerful as an elephant, neither does it have the grace of Cheetah. And it ‘excretes’ far more CO2 and consumes very expensive ‘food’.

Moments about this year until now came to me during this meditation. Passionate love took me to the highest and lowest of emotions at times, reaching several crescendos which were very tough to deal with. But, there appeared escape routes to catch my breath, roots for my hands and feet to grip on when emptiness was around, other spirits of true humans guiding me, windows others already created from where I could watch which is yet unknown to my eyes.

This is a thank you note.

Firstly, thank YOU my LORD GOD for showing me more paths so suddenly when I needed it most. I could not always understand how it all ties together, but then YOU revealed it to me. Thank YOU my LORD GOD for the spiritual wings that became ever stronger. The silver thread of all LIFE from YOU.

The escape routes I took for some while was to watch some favorite movies - dvd’s I bought through the years. All of those which allow me to escape, has a special passion for the excellence of the Creation of LORD GOD. Some in the most unusual ways. But I do understand the messages in them. Some metaphorical, but I can see even the most hidden in them.

They are not many but they have what it takes: Seeking a way to stabilize the equilibrium, bring harmony into a broken world, exceed past all onslaughts that keep weakening one, even create a world of beauty where there is nothing left. Some of these stories even contain all these, and that is what I’d be watching most.

At the same time, this yearning to be where it is pure and beautiful, has brought me to the roots I could hold on, tapping life back into my tired being, it revealed the spirits as mine who were and shall be as guides, very much because of the windows they created through which I can see that which I am not aware of yet. We are mutual guides, serving the same purpose.

It is a constant revelation of a small yet powerful network of true Life. I am very thankful for it all. I am very thankful to you all. Those who can read my message in the spiritual context will know who you are.

My respect goes to all who sees the Truth. Down to the beggar living in the darkest slums of a concrete jungle, awake from hunger at night and then feasts on the beauty of the lights of the Creation and eventually falls asleep, satisfied – I know this kind of satisfaction – it is a richness beyond Man’s average perception, and then up to those who roam and share unselfishly each of their efforts in which they’ll invest and re-invest, regardless of a tummy aching from hunger – a charity which I also know and I know how rewarding it is. We own something greater than matter of Man which is our free gifts and we share it. Constantly. Regardless.

True seeds are planted in my existence and I find them because it is my duty to nourish them.

I have seen great wonders, some even before they happen.

Because I care. I thank all who also care. My true siblings. Our dreams are in fact part of the reality of LORD GOD’s Creation. We don’t fight, we don’t kill. We preserve, and only warn when it is needed and then still, without harm.

You became part of my inspiration to say it in music.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Story of the Wind and the Water

A major force has hit me.....

Real events I witnessed and experienced and still do, often become part of my journey which I narrate in Music.

It was my initial fascination of a tsunami – masses of water moving and the air it sucks and pushes – airborne ripples that run across the globe, which became my first awareness that this immense power is fully part of Grand Physics in the greater picture of our planet.

Wind was born when the first waters began moving. This idea became my cue without my knowing it and was resting as a very steady base for what was yet to become another knowledge to me.

During late October 2014 while in my homeland South Africa, I saw a bird flying west against a backdrop of blue with clouds painted by the setting sun. This bird had a rather unusual way of flying which I have never seen before. It kept me busy for many days over the past nearly two years to get a logical rhythm for this flight pattern but with no prevail. Man’s physics does not allow this rhythm in any logics.

My conclusion eventually is just: well, whatever. My perceptions brought into music is as free as the whole Creation and when I want to tell it, I’ll tell it in all its colours, moves, songs, talking, shapes, sizes – anything I see, hear, taste, smell, feel. Endless list. That bird proved it to me in an amazing way which I was yet to learn.

So in between then, seeing all the horrors happening to our planet by the hands of careless people, seeing the very big picture sometimes within seconds, I became immensely moved. Anger and sadness tore at me sometimes so bad, causing some sky high levels of agitation which I didn’t know could exist within me. Normally I wouldn’t be moved by people, knowing that each make their own bed. But this time it was another force to reckon with.

Agitation was building up during the earlier part of this year and as late fall began making way before winter in the south, whilst an immense drought prevailed in South Africa - dams drying up, rivers running empty - I began attacking with common sense, those who are too stupid to realize the true cause. I heard the most ridiculous arguments of water maintenance from folks who cannot imagine that when it doesn’t rain, things will dry up. Dams go empty first, due to evaporation – there were terrible hot winds blowing quite often and rates of rainfall vs evaporation is just too obvious…. And Earth, without her veins properly flowing, cannot keep cool.

My tears began flowing as if it wanted to fill rivers, anytime and anywhere. Often during early hours I’d wake up to meditate during the small quiet hours of the morning. At least everybody in my time zone would be sleeping, even the few that are doing so much harm. I prayed, cried to the Creator, begged for the sake of my lesser siblings that are suffering. I cried about all the fish in the last puddles of a dam that suffered a terrible death.

Many more things were revealed to me during such hours.

I decided to research more - if I know about these as a ‘common sense’, surely there are others as myself. It became a matter of escape in a variety of areas. I found so much and so many.

That was when I decided to take the big escape. Music. The fog was already peaking over the horizon. I remembered the flight of that bird I saw and suddenly flight patterns, bird song, waves, water dwellers and their swim patterns whether pods or solo, saw me grabbing a piece of A4 paper onto which I jotted the various ‘rhythms’ they all move with.

This piece of paper remained among other work papers, ‘disappearing’. But it appeared again and then had caused my first smile in a long while. Some fondness. I kept it at the top of my working papers. Then one day, I noticed the wavy thingy with which I sketched the birdie with its strange flight. As I stared at it, the fog closed in on me.

I couldn’t understand a thing of the jumble of measures I ended up with as my first “Story of the Wind and the Water.” Thought it would just become part of the ‘forgotten files’ of unfinished music. But it did not.

I was called to face my music…. I was agitated again, but with a difference, not time enough for this luxury and got totally worn out. I decided to escape. Have solitude, listen, answer.

The week it took me in solitude ended up in a bit of a disaster. I got a severe cold, blocked ears, a friend had a terrible crisis at her work caused by an employee, and I ended up not able to hear all my sounds as I want to, nor having the emotions for this piece of music.

But 4 August 2016, early morning saw me back on it. I began unjumbling the measures, and the ‘tsunami’ hit me. I knew I began the story somewhere halfway, mixed up measures that had to be moved to the beginning. I moved three sessions of measures and found the beginning, adjusting the tempo and more sounds that were totally hidden under the whole batch.

It is also the first time something like this happens – usually when I begin composing, I’d be stuck on the first few measures, up to seven of them to get into tune with my story and then run on with it at good speed. But this one just tumbled down on me, a bit slower tempo than it should have been, maybe because it didn’t exist as a music which I could recognize. It was strange, yet I knew it because the initial session came in one very big blow and fast on the composing side.

I had to add the first movements of water which lured the wind. Grand Physics. This was hidden. I found them, bit by bit.

On the next morning, I listened to it again and I could see the line of my story. I am not too sure yet if it sounds 100% since my ears still have some pressure and I’ll listen to it when ears are back to normal again. It’s done, but probably still needs some fine tuning.

It was hectic. I remember this morning of 4th August, how I began shaking terribly when the big picture became clear. This is the first time in my life that I was shaking because of my music, the first time ever that I was shaking so much!

Music is another kind of science with its own mind…

In the meanwhile, the picture in the fog became clear, a bit flimsy so far but I’ll know better once I have my ears back to normal
Where to listen to a section of this composition

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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Petals Volume 2

From my Diary:
2016 06 29 10h54
Petals Vol. 2 Stopping Over (or something) or this is in fact Illumination.
I came back to this composition now and could suddenly understand all about my perceptions during July 2014 at Ibla, Sicilia. All the music that was around from morning till night created a new awareness. I felt home but not quite “at home”. (Some of the ‘people factor’ that pisses me off)

Music was one with me in a way I couldn’t fathom at the time. I heard music when it played and I heard music when it was not playing. It was as if something ancient inside me was stirred. I could ‘see’ things as if it was some time warp into the past.

It was tough to look for the sounds I heard from long ago and I remember so well the sound of water flowing underneath this old town. Sweet water from the dolomite banks, similar to what I remembered from Otavi, Namibia. I always stopped at this town when I passed, to fill up my containers with Otavi’s water; it was my favourite to brew my java.

I remember the urge I had to record footage of the water from the ferry boat trip once I was back at Norway from Scicilia. The first part of “Illumination” came on 18 July 2014 and the second part six days later while I was at Ibla. Somehow it had some relation with the water but I could not understand it much.

This past month of June with all the water talks, Ocean Month and next month’s input to cleaning the rivers in South Africa, found me at times in a feverish hurry to know more how people see water and feel about it. Water is the greatest music to my ears and always calmed me for as long as I remember. The greater part of my childhood days I lived next to water…..

It was aggravating, annoying and terribly frustrating to see how few people really care about the most beautiful natural liquid crystal. But I am also happy that there are groups, organizations and individuals who do care and make it their business to promote the wellbeing of water.

All rivers, lakes and seas are the widest and greatest path to anywhere, passengers on and in the waterways include human beings and is the oldest path on our planet.

On the 23rd “Finding” came to me. Somehow a lot of arguments exploded in this composition. I was a bit pissed off by being ordered around by others who don’t seem to be organizing well enough. But what I learned was that ‘speaking’ in music, I would get calm very soon. I didn’t need to run water over my hands or go for a swim. Music also does it for me.

When I now analyzed the tracks during this period, I got back to “Prayers with Santa Maria Maddalena”. I see the big picture now. As it was in the “Revelations” sequence of “Peyals: The Journey” (Symphony No. 2) the same revered sounds are contained, though not with the exact same melody.

This very old little Chiesa of Santa Maria Maddalena at Ibla kept drawing me and one day when I could not get around to some silent music I heard somewhere, I went to pray there. Of course, I needed that solitude - I forget to open my heart to Great Maestro and leave the matter to HIM. And now, nearly two years later I get the answers. I would have had it sooner if I took solitude straight away instead of trying to find answers on my own. When I listened to HIS voice during the time my second symphony happened, HE revealed a lot to me and the clarity was spectacular. That is the only reason why I could compose 11 movements within such a short time.

Seven days after “Finding”, the truth about FACTS in some very difficult choice I had to make, came to me, confronting me with the child’s life (“Spirit of the Child” Symph 2) which I thought was just a random song that came in-between but it is not. A lot of this round of Petals ARE in fact based on earlier experiences and “Mama, you chose, not I” which happened on 31 July 2014 in a flash.

Then during September and in a timespan of four days “Weeping Willow”, “Outside Me” and “An Autumn Leaf Blew Past” happened. It was with “Outside Me” that the puzzle came back very recently. This track somehow called me back. Something was triggered and I became terribly edgy and anxious, not realizing what is happening to me. And now, listening to “Illumination” the whole picture falls together like an avalanche.

“Weeping Willow” and “Outside Me” are very old poems, a music that existed for many years before I could even imagine how to express it. During the revelations of my second Symphony, “Old Tree also celebrates Spring” I experienced a joyous occasion of seeing all the magnificent life that popped from the tears of the child, which had its origin from the poem “Weeping Willow” which was a sad one to get back to. But I didn’t get the connection at the time and with “Outside Me” which followed, it rather became something to pack away. Too sad.

Yet, that same day after finishing “Outside Me” on 11 September 2014, “An Autumn Leaf Blew Past” just popped right in, which was how I felt. A useless dried out old leaf BUT as I composed that song, I realized also the life I served and still shall serve, and it became meaningful.

Phew. What a journey and then the illumination. But I feel much better now that I pen this down and its quite an eye opener to see how and where these pieces all happened.

I’ll give it a few days’ rest and see if there was more. This took a chomp out me so suddenly, my anxiety level shot right through the ceiling the past 30 minutes……

Back at 15:24
Shortly after writing the above, it struck me that I ‘disguised’ the actual instruments that act my story by using totally different ones. I was most probably hiding something from myself; I recall telling myself that it was my experience by seeing how performers play music instruments, that pushed me to use different instruments than what I originally used composing these pieces about my real life journey in music.

I must be honest with myself, that it was not the case. I learn some things like the gizmos & stuff on the internet and in any case apply that which I learn - many times as I compose I research what an instrument can do and what not. But then I would in any case not worry too much about it, and still continue creating the way it sounds okay for me. I just need to know what ‘signs’ to give the little people in my digital orchestra.

So then, I caught myself with my hand in the cookie jar and lied to myself about which cookies I picked. I enjoy all of them.

I was only avoiding piano because of the sad side of having been denied to continue having piano lessons when I was 13. But I enjoyed that one year – and it came a bit through in “Illumination” and I made peace with piano, and shortly after I became totally inspired by someone whom I’ve never met and “pax deinde venit” was born as a remembrance of the end of WWII. (Contained elsewhere at my blog)

Although “pax” has a totally different rhythm, which I thought to take a shot at when I noticed a competition based on the Morse code “irini” (which means peace) and I remembered all the tales papa and others told me about that terrible war, it is in fact part of the illumination that I experienced. I should actually include it as a bonus track should I get so far as to release and album of my third Symphony.

At first I simply called the piece “peace” but as it flowed, I realized it was from the moment the first peace messages were sent out and suddenly my spirit ended up at a time and places during a dark night almost seventy years ago, continued flying further, experiencing the folks…. This was a most romantic composition which I enjoyed and I really gave gas with the digital piano with the digital player happy to abide.

“pax deinde venit” came to me at 20:01 the evening of 11 August 2014. Afterwards I made a bigger orchestra to play with the little digital piano player.

Other pieces that flowed since July 2014:
My first “Sonatina” “Moods of a Composer” in five movements.  I was totally pissed off at a remark that I must decide when my music has to stop which is bullshit. One cannot tell just half a story….
This left me: 01 – Spooked; 02 – Chargrined; 03 – Reduced; 04 – Prepared; 05 – Fugued (with the latter adapted word, rather admitting that if I’m considered as being ‘fucked up’ so be it – I couldn’t care a shoot because I do how and what I do to speak my music stories)

After this session I felt fantastic! I went on to produce a little comic strip for more satisfaction, using a photograph of the person but then redid it to rather hide anything recognizable in case a new fight would begin. End of a chapter is end of a chapter. I composed five of them, terribly short.
In a way I can now also understand “Three Frogs in a Pond of Wine” – this began on 19 September 2014 and I had no clue what it was until I did playback. There I saw the stages of chaps getting drunk, and their stories and eventual aggressive arguments until the ‘wine’ is finished. I still recalled a scene from way back during the 1980’s of a drunk man attacking me. His previous attack landed me in hospital but this time I was ready. I immobilized him and didn’t care to look back. I had to get his small son out of that house for he would have taken it all out on the little boy. He had his drunk pal with him at least. But he was fine and very friendly the next day.

And it all began with the sweet waters from the Ibleian mountains of Scicilia which I could hear under the soil and pavements of Ibla. Right there already under the shadow of the “Mountain of the Fireflies”.

I did say that water calms me, I recreate ‘water’ in my music and save these precious liquid crystals. I have a raging fire at times when I compose, and the little “Sonatina” taught me how much music brings me back to the good old me when I throw a tantrum in music.

(I actually went to pour myself a sherry now at 16:00 of this day, celebrating being able to ‘see’ myself. A new self.)
(Now I hope to get all the pieces properly together – got it figured out so far and then adapt them when I have time as they ought to be)

3 July 2016
Here I am, ‘stole’ some time back at music and listened measure by measure to the ‘truth’ into which I began adapting the toughest song: “You Chose, Mama, Not I”. Time signature of course changes to that of “Petals”, meaning adapting from 4/4 which is like a very neat brick house, very calculated, to 9/8 which is my true story.

I lied to myself. I didn’t want any passion in these 4/4 compo’s.  And I hate neat brick houses. I’d rather live under a bush or in a tree…..

This is the difference.....old and new/lies and TRUTH

Hope I’d have more time soon again for music, it’s becoming very intense, it chases me like nothing ever before.

LORD GOD I cry! Hear me, I need solitude with You my Maestro. Everything that is happening with Your Creation which I love so much is just falling apart. I cry for the birds, the fish. I see so much and it is painful.

The little sparrow… YOU know what I saw. I pray that others may see this, know this, feel this, care about it all.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Outside Me

2016 06 15: When the poem came to me almost halftime ago of my life where I am now in 2016, it was the present time then.

In that present moment of time, I had a reflection of my childhood and the control I knew I had to enforce. I managed and it developed. It became a hidden lifestyle. Eventually, it was so hidden that I forgot about it. I was always smiling while something was crying.

But in that present time then, the reflection was just a good story, a bit sad and that’s it.

I lived ‘happily ever after’, contented with what I had, and what I had and still have is and shall be the greatest blessing of my life.

BUT it was not all that I had. A forgotten something remained and somehow it was nourished all the time – probably from my happiness about everything. I am always thankful for every good coming my way.

13 June 2016 some very strange magnetism came, drawing me deep down under, back to this old poem and the track I composed sometime during 2014. I listened to the music again, wondering, and left it. The wondering sat on my neck, my head, my shoulders, followed my steps, cooked with me, had java with me, shopped with me, and since I don’t hate it, I gave it some attention again. It wanted me to listen….

And then I heard. I heard a forgotten part of myself and suddenly I could understand the reflection.

My gut was ripped out of me these past 12 hours when I had to face my own music. I do love it, don’t make a mistake. But it was the message in it that knocked me out. I couldn’t understand the poem so well, I somehow composed it and left it.

Past, present and future. This is my future and I learned that I have been confronted at the ‘present’ time of then. Now I could understand everything.

I had been in control and happy with my life but control buried many other jewels. I got back on the composition yesterday and especially early this morning and used some of the sparkles to express my story. A story which I hardly gave any recognition, even with the track I composed two years ago.

I need to live my life in full. This ‘other me’ is in fact the missing part of me which I controlled since I was child. Then I needed to for it was hated by evil. As time went by, it surfaced here and there and at the slightest whiff of evil, it would dive back. It was disciplined. Controlled by me. “My hand is master, a key to lock.”

When the feeble voice came again, it was no weight, but it was persevering since Monday. Today is Wednesday. I listened. I understood. I let it out. I cried. But I won’t let the hidden part dive back again.

Too much control makes one forget things….
Part of the Poem in music

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Rare Breeds

The piece became a bit of a Kwaito (in a Classical way), the way we feel sometimes about a situation, arguing in our own minds, forming dialogue in a way that makes us feel better.

I started it off with Harpsichord, because I felt so terribly 'old and long ago' and, gradually during the ‘prelude’ I kind of woke up to what I’m actually doing.

Most of this music came from the past months. Whatever I saw, heard and lived would at times also remind me of another ‘rare breed’ (mostly of the present time) whom I only know by music. Thus, the main influence is based on my own perception at a very moment when I’d experience something and would think of the other who also ‘runs free’.

Aaargh, I didn’t realize this when I began composing, the sound was sparked off when I heard an old ‘rare breed’ again who disappeared for a while and suddenly popped up again.

Later, as I did some analysis of “Rare Breeds”, I couldn’t help to smile and giggle at times, seeing even how a walking duck and a Maltese Poodle chasing geese, reminded me of a character behind music.

The Kwaito stepped in hard as I would be listening to India Mynahs performing at late afternoons for the best branch to roost for the night. They are not indigenous to South Africa and became a bit of a threat to the original bird species, but the weavers are a strong bunch and won’t give an inch.

And so the story went on and on once I was caught up into it. I lacked time and facility to work on it, and would spend my earliest morning java time over several days to ‘speak my mind’. It sure was a piece that had me fast up and going each morning, and even faster if I slept a bit late since then I’d not even have quarter of an hour to work on it. I was okay when I would have around 45 minutes on such mornings, then I could take my time tasting my coffee and music.

(maybe I should now mention that I can wake even earlier than 3am regardless of time zone, totally awake and ready to kick off a long day of duties which could stretch even up to 19 hours)

I recognize others like me who live in music, with music, using it as the best way to communicate and I realize more and more that this is a natural thing, nobody can teach you that. It is just the way you ‘speak’, even if you are pressed for time. I do not know how I do it, some educated folks told me that they don’t know how I do it. But I am crazy about doing it. I love it!

Fair enough, I cannot speak in words about music as most do for I didn’t study these ‘translations’ as they did, but I learn on the run with each composition I work at. I won’t speak with them though, for my tongue ties up and I have very little idea how to pronounce most of those fancy words. So I stick to the p the pp, ppp and pppp instead of even trying to utter it. I can say it in music already and that is enough for me. I'd rather pp than p-whatever by not getting the p's and s's at their correct place. Know what I mean?

It is to know music as a form of communication that gives one the ear to understand, not what one learns from books (or the www or wikipedia as I 'consult' for knowledge)… I did this for as long as I can remember after hearing the first human interpretations of this beautiful language.

“Rare Breeds” are people like myself, even if they are highly educated - because such folks in any case don’t follow the books, they follow their feelings, passions and interpret it all in their own unique ways. They understand what I ‘say’ in music.

A scarce breed, but oh so nice to hear them ‘speak’ from the bottom of the heart, whether a creator of interpreter (performing artist), we belong to a very rare group.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

See with music

See with music. I cannot really think of another term.

Maybe it is because I have so little music tuition that I see music so intensely. I am not within the ‘educated’ borders and rules to know where and what and when and quite frankly, I think it must be pretty boring to have such borders.

I am a free spirit, I want to see the big picture, not the one made by a set of rules. Rules rather belong in Law making, not creativity.

Remarks and comments people make (with specific reference now the creative arts) give me a good idea of their perceptions and personalities and it is amazing how many if not most, actually use the same boring rules over and over again, trying to qualify another’s style to be the rule. No originality, they are just slaves. I could imagine that if society would apply this conservative approach to their Laws, the world would have been at peace.

Rather weird, I’d say. I follow the Laws that count to be a better person to society and use my own style in creativity.

In a way I am then also happy that it took me so many years to the point of letting go of loving my lover music – I learned a lot about life and people in a non-music way through my life. Hardly ever listened to music for many years, once in a while to some old songs I like and maybe a new one that has the sounds I like.

This brings me then to a new phase of understanding myself now, I want to see the pictures a musician/performing artist creates. The more I listen to some, the more I realize how bad most are.

Whether a solo performer or a large Philharmonic Orchestra, it can be a matter of the amount of steel marbles I’d put into a container and shake it according to the perfect rhythm…..

It is a hollow music without song…..

So many want to act their part, doing it so perfect according to a sheet of paper instead of telling the story with passion, making it a music, a song.

Recently I heard the greatest piano playing ever and made the remark that now it’s as if other pianists have butter fingers, this one has butterfly fingers. I have heard so much heart and soul and total understanding of the music and full control with piano. I was fascinated by what I heard, it painted a world of pictures.

As composer I know that what I see also brings a music to me and I write that into my work. Not many performing artists can actually ‘read’ such pictures ‘between the lines’ and paint them with their instruments. (even including the voice)

I am happy enough to only now encounter this beautiful playing for even a year ago I would have known it is very beautiful but without knowing those that man thinks is perfection. The only other piano work I could respectfully enjoy were old recordings of Rachmaninoff playing his own work and Stravinsky conducting his “Firebird”.

It does make me wonder with some bitterness that if I was allowed to continue playing and learning piano after my only music year of 1970, what I might have created eventually. But I am thankful for that music did come back to me, even if it came so very late in my life. I won’t have time to learn piano again now that it does not hurt anymore, but oh boy, I compose up a storm when it hits me and thank goodness for modern technology for when it pours down heavily, I can do it fast…..

So, I am happy to have heard so many before which I thought were really good, and suddenly discover this jewel of sound. I feel like an orphan that suddenly found her family. (Now note, I had my ears blocked, closed for piano for the greatest part of my life because of sad memories)

I have been listening to orchestral works mostly, had my tapes and would unwind after stressful work with a good red wine and candle light. But even this became scarce eventually.

And I thought those were good, for they were indeed the ones most talked about, that is why I bought them. But oh, thanks to social websites, I came to know more in the later half of 2014 and I was surprised. I didn’t know a whole Philharmonic Orchestra. With nearly 100 performers could take me on such a wonderful trip, painting the pictures, the whole story with intensity and passion….. and I’ll probably find more during time to come. But this one was enough to learn from, learn a lot from.

I am extremely happy I don’t know the music rules to apply them. I rather remain a toddler looking at a picture book in colour than listening to someone telling a story in a boring voice.