Monday, 8 August 2016


Motion and emotion is at the order of the day even on this ZA morning at 07h01 of 8th August 2016. (Google doesn't seem to be capable of 'reading' my time zone - Southern Africa GMT+2 it is and this post will be published 09h00 ZA time from my southern home in the heart of this country)

Prior to beginning this writing, I flew lightyears in spirit which was but a few minutes in physical life. I saw much but what is important for now follows.

It came to mind that, even after I had a short but intensive good rest during the night, my day began with a leap. Surely, elephant is immediately at full speed when it goes into serious motion and can turn 180 degrees and continue without losing speed.

Man is the crown of LORD GOD’s Creation. It is the only answer I have for being able to be at full speed all the time when serious motions call for it. Even from the moment I wake from sleep.

The best thing Man could make that has almost this kind of action is a Bentley. But it is not as powerful as an elephant, neither does it have the grace of Cheetah. And it ‘excretes’ far more CO2 and consumes very expensive ‘food’.

Moments about this year until now came to me during this meditation. Passionate love took me to the highest and lowest of emotions at times, reaching several crescendos which were very tough to deal with. But, there appeared escape routes to catch my breath, roots for my hands and feet to grip on when emptiness was around, other spirits of true humans guiding me, windows others already created from where I could watch which is yet unknown to my eyes.

This is a thank you note.

Firstly, thank YOU my LORD GOD for showing me more paths so suddenly when I needed it most. I could not always understand how it all ties together, but then YOU revealed it to me. Thank YOU my LORD GOD for the spiritual wings that became ever stronger. The silver thread of all LIFE from YOU.

The escape routes I took for some while was to watch some favorite movies - dvd’s I bought through the years. All of those which allow me to escape, has a special passion for the excellence of the Creation of LORD GOD. Some in the most unusual ways. But I do understand the messages in them. Some metaphorical, but I can see even the most hidden in them.

They are not many but they have what it takes: Seeking a way to stabilize the equilibrium, bring harmony into a broken world, exceed past all onslaughts that keep weakening one, even create a world of beauty where there is nothing left. Some of these stories even contain all these, and that is what I’d be watching most.

At the same time, this yearning to be where it is pure and beautiful, has brought me to the roots I could hold on, tapping life back into my tired being, it revealed the spirits as mine who were and shall be as guides, very much because of the windows they created through which I can see that which I am not aware of yet. We are mutual guides, serving the same purpose.

It is a constant revelation of a small yet powerful network of true Life. I am very thankful for it all. I am very thankful to you all. Those who can read my message in the spiritual context will know who you are.

My respect goes to all who sees the Truth. Down to the beggar living in the darkest slums of a concrete jungle, awake from hunger at night and then feasts on the beauty of the lights of the Creation and eventually falls asleep, satisfied – I know this kind of satisfaction – it is a richness beyond Man’s average perception, and then up to those who roam and share unselfishly each of their efforts in which they’ll invest and re-invest, regardless of a tummy aching from hunger – a charity which I also know and I know how rewarding it is. We own something greater than matter of Man which is our free gifts and we share it. Constantly. Regardless.

True seeds are planted in my existence and I find them because it is my duty to nourish them.

I have seen great wonders, some even before they happen.

Because I care. I thank all who also care. My true siblings. Our dreams are in fact part of the reality of LORD GOD’s Creation. We don’t fight, we don’t kill. We preserve, and only warn when it is needed and then still, without harm.

You became part of my inspiration to say it in music.

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