Sunday, 4 January 2015

How I hear Music

A dear friend shared this sweet ♫picture quote♫ from Shakespeare:

at my Facebook page, saying it reminded her of me.

That is true how I am, I listen and hear. I replied to her immediately as it flowed out of me:

this is so true how I LISTEN, was watching some footage this morning of video (sic) I took two days ago of my very early morning and got so carried away with the birds in flight on a rhythm of the last crickets singing (sic – should have been ‘crickets singing their last songs of the night) and the greetings of the morning songsters as they sing their songs which flowed on the skyline as the first colour of the new day began and later the sparrows chipped in as warm music floated on colours between gold and soft pink as the first sunrays reflected on white to grey-blue clouds. And the crisp smell of night air blending with early morning perfumes as the first flowers open their sweet little wells..... bliss, totally music (even the screeching sunbeetles at the moment which gives that 'time for siesta' laziness) Oh, I can really drift away (when I read her post it was around noon, I cannot remember exactly)

I then treated myself with a chilled fruity white wine spritzer (actually, I use pure aqua, not the bubbly type for this) and dreamed on, so happy to know that there are folks who also hear how I hear, and recognize it in me. Nobody can teach you this, you just know it, feel it and you can hear it.

I have listened to many *educated* works in my nearly 6 decades in this world and it was empty, nyada, zilch, zero, haba, niks. Very few of the educated ever follow their hearts, to most it is rather a snooty prestige and goodness knows what labels they hang around music. They rape music, make it like a heartless machine forever needing to be fueled with some or other ooh and aah from even more heartless…..

Yet there are music educated folks, however few they are, that use music as the language it is intended to be. The technical stuff comes naturally. I know, I do my research and 'study' as I go. I have a curious mind. Above all, I hear and understand this magnificent language and when it can touch my heart, then it had been used in its fullest glory. There are others like myself who have hardly or no music tuition and yet they can understand. Some of them also create stories with music, beautiful ones, original. From their hearts.

I have been motivated by them. I also listen to their music, then I know that they know. Maybe it is the journo in me that first wants to ‘profile’ the listener to first find out what they actually know. And if their comment then qualifies what they say.  A scarce people.

RIP William Shakespeare, I love your works since I first ‘discovered’ it when I was a 13y-old. You could hear music, understood the voices even though you were a composer of words, yet you brought the music over with the alphabet. I HEAR YOU.

(I hope the bloomin pathetic that stole my full bundle of all Shakespeare’s works at Walvis Bay, Namibia during 1993 gets a pain in the arse – probably stole it to sell it to buy drugs. I KNOW - because of music)

And this reminds me of what I've seen in my life: the snooty shitty wanna-be's that will never be able to know the secrets of music, regardless of what and how far they study, and those who know it and follow their hearts.

I listen, and I hear and I've heard.

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